There is this brand I’ve been watching for a while now, it is called Linda Hallberg Cosmetics. A little while ago i finally took the step to purchase some products i had my eye on, and they are one of the best make up items i have bought in a while! So, here i am, writing my first blog post about them.


Linda Hallberg Cosmetics was obviously started by super talented Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg. She wanted to create products that are multifunctional. Every product can be used how you want to use it. See the colors and possibilities and do not feel restricted.

This is one of the things that really caught my eye when I first heard LH Cosmetics was going to be launched. I have always been the kind of makeup artist that uses products however I see fit. Is it really that bad if I use my liquid lipstick as eyeliner? Who cares if I use an eye shadow as my favorite highlighter? And do we not all know the lipstick as blusher trick? Their products are also absolutely cruelty free and most are vegan too! Which is always a good thing.


Picture of the content of the package from Linda Hallberg Cosmetics

So, I decided it was time for me to make my first purchase with them. The ‘Anger’ mood crayon had just been released so I finally had the opportunity to purchase the ‘Mood Crayons’ and have all the primary colors. Since bright and true colors are the hardest to find I wanted to start with testing these products. Since they had a special offer, I also purchased the ‘Enchanted Secrets’ palette. I thought these would be awesome to combine and the colors just looked amazing. Because of the offer, I got the ‘Anger’ crayon and the special sharpener for free!


Time to test these new babies! I was definitely not disappointed by the pencils, they have amazing colors. Like I said at the start; one of the best purchases I’ve done in a while. The color payoff is amazing, they are super creamy, and they set really well so the color sticks all day!

Now I do want to point out what I do not like about them. So here it is: They set extremely fast, so if you want to blend them and/or use them as a base you need to work really fast. I knew about this before I purchased them, so I was prepared for this. But, they really do set even faster than I anticipated. This is not necessarily a bad thing but something you might need to practice with. Just so you know how to use them at their best potential.


Ofcourse I wanted to put them to the test, so I created these looks to upload onto my Instagram. I really felt inspired with these colors, and for some reason I dared to go bolder with my looks too! My looks were always on the bolder side, but lately I had been too afraid to go bold. So these products are not only simply a good tool for me to use during my job as a makeup artist, I feel like they also really boost my creativity. If you want to see more details of the looks and which products i have used you can click on them and they will show the instagram posts with all the details!


Thank you so much for reading my first blogpost! Let me know what you want to read about next in the comments below, and if you have tried the Linda Hallberg products yet. I would love to hear what you think!